Happy Bumper Cars are one of the most popular activities at The Big Box. Parents can sit with their kids and enjoy an exciting bumpy ride. Our Bumper Cars are equipped with sensory detection technology which gives the opponent’s car a 360-degree spin if they get shot on the sweet spot. It is an exciting way to engage with kids while having fun!

  • $5.99* per ride
  • $25.99* 5-Pack Multipass

*All prices stated do not include applicable taxes.


Driver with Adult Supervision:

  • Minimum Height: 36″
  • Maximum age: 5 years old

Driver without Adult Supervision:

  • Recommended Minimum Height: 60 inches
  • Maximum age: 8 years old

Buddy Passenger (Child Passenger Seat):

  • Minimum Age: 3 years old
  • Maximum Age: 7 years old


  • A maximum of 2 passengers in one car at any time – Please wait back in line for a second run.
  • Remove all items and valuables from your pockets prior to entering the activity. No loose articles are allowed.
  • Safety restraint/belt must be worn at all times. With two passengers on board, the buddy passenger must be seated in front of the adult passenger.
  • Keep Hand on steering wheels and feet on paddles. Follow the operating instructions provided by the operator.
  • No food, drink, or chewing gum is permitted in The Bumper Car court.
  • Do not stand or step on bumper car tubes. Ask the operator for assistance if required.

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